A wall has turned into a street, which has expanded into a financial district that has normalized, on a global level, an ideology that embraces exploitative and extractive business methods as well as financial engineering for maximum growth and profit. Simultaneously, the biggest profiteers have used lobbying and regulatory capture to undermine democratic politics as they seek to protect themselves and their fortunes against any social responsibility or legal liability for the dire human conditions and ecological damages that their businesses have caused and continue to inflict. To reform this destructive path, I believe, requires the engagement of all citizens and input from all (academic) disciplines, including art.

The Wall Street Project (TWSP) is an ongoing long-term initiative based on my proposition to recognize Financial Capitalism as the preeminent sculptor of language, materials, and social structures, and to analyze and counter its form-giving methods both on a micro- and macro level. To do so I am combining my own (photographic) observation of New York’s Financial District and my research into the global financial industry with past and current theories in the social and political sciences. The resulting works, which hope to contribute in their own way to the current movements demanding an economic and financial paradigm shift, will include writings, installations, informal gestures, and social interventions.

- Claudia Weber

Current segments:
Plus Ça Change - a written piece for Plot.online inspired by a photograph taken in New York's Financial District

TWSP - ongoing research, documentation, and notes (Instagram)